The Alvi Trail 2018 of Mark Harber, UK

The Avil trail is more than a trail race, firstly the organisation ensures that you become part of a family over the eight days. After entering this experience I soon became immersed in the landscape food and character of the Liguria region of Italy. The eight days provide you with ever changing sights of this beautiful part of Italy. Each corner turned on the trail provided me with another memory to store. The friendly atmosphere of both the race staff and other competitors reminded me of what I love about trail running. Everyone was equal, and time was irrelevant. Egos were left at home and we all end up sharing in our personal accomplishments We could truly just run for ourselves, within ourselves for our own reasons in that moment on that day.

This is not a race to be asked afterwards "what was your your time" It's more about the human experience, of sharing an adventure sharing nature and most of all sharing friendship.

Basically, we were all together sharing the same trail with different personal experiences, each runner competitor and volunteer supported each other through eight days of our lives. Eight days of the ultra marathon of life.

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