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ALVI TRAIL LIGURIA A.S.D. organizes the second edition of Alvi Trail Liguria from Saturday. June 9 to Saturday, June 16, 2018.
A semi self-sustaining race, ultra trail in 8 stages, along the trails of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

ITRA points granted for this race are 6.

The race is a Qualifying Race for UTMB with 6 points granted.



Alvi Trail Liguria 2018 runs along the paths of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri which is the longest marked trail in Liguria, a landscape full of emotions.
Starting from Dolceacqua (IM) on Saturday, June 9, 2018, the race will follow a 400 km long trail, in 8 stages, with an elevation change of 17.000 mt.

The maximum number of participants for AV Trail Liguria 2018 is fixed to 200.

The running time will be detected and will decide the classification.



1st stage Dolceacqua - Mendatica

59,15 km   3435 m D+   2708m D-


2nd stage Mendatica - Calizzano

52,20 km    2372 m D+   2507 m D-


In the morning: bus transfer from Calizzano to Carcare  (about 30 min).

3rd stage Carcare - Vara Inferiore

47,39 km    1966 m D+   1652 m D-

12. 6.2018

4th stage Vara Inferiore - Busalla

49,81 km    1788 m D+    2088 m D-


5th stage Busalla - Torriglia

38,98 km    1909 m D+    1495 m D-


6th stage Torriglia - Rezzoaglio

42,50 km    1706 m D+    1767 m D-


7th stage Rezzoaglio – Castiglione Chiavarese

56,76 km    2000 m D+    2447 m D-


8th stage Castiglione Chiavarese - Portovenere

51,02 km    1826 m D+    2095 m D-


a) general information

The main rule of the event is that each athlete has to run in semi self-sufficiency being autonomous between two refreshment points.
For each single stage there will be several refreshment stations along the route providing water, tea, energy drinks and/or food.

Each athlete has to carry all supplies (food and drink) enabling him/her to get to the next refreshment point or to the arrival.

The race is open to all men and women aged 20 or over on the date of entry.

It is firmly recommended to have been finisher in at least one ultra trail race on long distance (about 100 km) with an importante elevation change (about 5.000/6.000 D+). In order to finalize the registration a Curriculum for finished races in 2016/2017 is required by the organization which will examine and give the validation to the registration sending a confirn via email to each participant.

For the overnight accomodation the organizers will provide to every athlet a place where to sleep, gym or tent.

Each athlet will bring with him/her a sleeping bag, a mat or an air mattress.

b) semi self-sufficiency

Semi-self-sufficiency is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, in terms of safety, nutrition and equipment, thus allowing one to adapt to encountered or expected problems (poor weather, physical problems, injuries, etc.).
Every runner must carry all the mandatory equipment for the entire length of the race. This equipment must be carried in the rucksack assigned at the distribution of runners' bib numbers, and may not be changed or modified in any way during the race. The race directors may inspect the contents of the rucksack at any time. The participant must submit to this check willingly, under penalty of disqualification.
There will be refreshment points located along the course, supplied with beverages and food, which are strictly reserved for the runners and must be consumed on lthe spot. Plastic cups will not be provided at any of the refreshment points; runners must have their own cup or other personal container suitable for the purpose.
Only still water will be provided for filling up water bottles or camel bags. Each runner must ensure that upon leaving each refreshment point s/he has the correct amount of food and water necessary to reach the following refreshment point.

c) personal assistance

During the race it is forbidden to be accompanied and/or assisted by a person who is not registered for the race. The personal assistance is only admitted at the official refreshment stations.

The personal assistent can bring to the athlet clothes, shoes, drink/food, energy supplements.


By registering, you confirm having read and accepted the rules of the race

The organization will take care of the enrollment of each athlet to the C.S.I. (Centro Sportivo Italiano) for the current year.

a) Opening of the registration

Registration will be possible starting from September 1, 2018 and will be closed on May 31, 2018 or anytime the limit number of 200 participants has been reached.

For any further information the contact email is Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

b) Registration terms and entry fee

Registration will be done by the account in www.wedosport.net o Filling in the registration form

o Enclosing the Health Form correctly filled o Enclosing Curriculum 2016/2017

Payment must be made by credit card upon registering online

The entry fee amount is
Euro 400,00 per athet if registration is done from September 1 up to October 31, 2017 Euro 450,00 per athlet from November 1, 2017 up to December 31, 2017.
Euro 500,00 per athet from January 1, 2018 up to May 31, 2018.
Deadline for registration is May 31, 2018

c) down payment required

At the time of registration a down payment is required as follows

€ 200 from 1.9.2017 to 31.10.2017

€ 250 from 1.11.2017 to 31.12.2017

€ 300 from 1.1.2018 to 30.4.2018

The residual amount will be payed within April 30, 2018, otherwise the booking will be void and Alvi Trail Liguria ASD will retain an amount of 50% from the deposit paid and the athelt will not be required to pay any other sum or penalty.

After payment is received and confirmed by the online interbank payment service, the pre-registration will be added to the Participants Lis of the race, and a confirmation email will be sent.


Avventurosi 2017 have an automatic right to be included in the list of registered competitors of Alvi Trail Liguria 2018.
Avventurosi are all those runners who have completed the Alvi Trail 2017, running all the 8 stages.
Even Avventurosi must pre-register and then proceed to the final registration, like everyone else, in order to formalize their participation for 2018.

e) disclamer and medical certificate

To complete the registration process, a medical certificate declaring fitness for competitive sports and the disclaimer of liability must be uploaded to your personal profile at (www.wedosport.ne) no later than April 30, 2018.

In the event that the competitor does not provide a medical certificate and the disclaimer in time, they will not be able to take part in the competition.

Certificates or registrations will not be accepted at the race starting point.

f) cancellation

In case of request of cancellation, if the request is received within April 30, Alvi Trail Liguria ASD will retain an amount of 50% from the deposit paid and the athlet will not be required to pay any other sum or penalty .

If the total amount required for the registration is paid and the request for cancellation is sent after April 30, the 50% of the total amount paid will be returned only in case of withdrawal for injury or serious illness, duly supported by a medical certificate

In case of cancellation of the race for causes of major force at the last moment, the entry fee will be kept on hold and valid for 2017; as an alternative, a refund of 50% of the prepaid fee will be given.

No other kind of refund is considered

g) included in the registration

- breakfast and dinner
- refreshment points along the path and final refreshment at the arrival of every stage - overnight accomodation in tent and/or gyms
- bags trasfer from the start of each stage to the arrival
- showers
- medical assistance
- insurance
- award ceremony
- daily report on Facebook Fan Page and website (general, not customized)
- race pack containing technical products and local food and wine

h) not included in the registration

- massage and massage therapy, awailable by book and pay during the week.
Costs and booking rules will be provided in the website of the race www.alvitrail.com.

- bus transfer from Shopinn 5 Terre Outlet Village, Brugnato (SP) to Dolceacqua (IM) on Friday, June 8 morning and the transfer from Portovenere back to Shopinn 5 Terre Outlet Village, Brugnato (SP) on Saturday June 16 evening and/or Sunday, June 17 morning.

Costs, booking rules and timetable will be provided in the website of the race www.alvitrail.com


By entering the race, each runner undertakes to take with him/her all the mandatory equipment listed below throughout the race.

a) mandatory

The mandatory equipment will be checked when collecting the bib numbers (possible checks also along the path during each single stage):

•GPS satellite or GPS tracks of the route downloaded to a mobile phone or any other proper equipment. Downloading can be made from the site www.alvitrail.com.
•Trail running or mountain shoes
-Rucksack (or backpack+fanny pack) with sufficient capacity to contain all the mandatory equipment

-Identity card
•Flask o camelbag that contain at least one liter of liquid
-Race bib with visible number;
•Cup or other container suitable for drinking at the refreshment points
-Energy bars or solid food reserve;
•Headlamp with spare batteries
-Survival blanket
•elastic adhesive bandage that can be used as a dressing
•mobile phone with enough credit (add the safety numbers of the organisation to the phone book, do not conceal the number, and make sure the battery is fully charged before setting out)
•altitudinal maps, provided by the organization

b) suggested:

•change of clothes
•water resistant shell jacket in case of bad weather

c) use of poles

•the use of poles is also admitted.

d) check of the mandatory equipment

The mandatory equipment will be checked when collecting the bib numbers.
It will also be possible to check the equipment at any refreshment point by samplng.


The bib numbers collection will take place on Friday 8 at Dolceacqua, Piazza Mauro,

from 14.00 to 20.00

An ID is required for the athletes when collecting the bib number.

IMPORTANT: a telephone number, written on the bib, will be active on the day of the race; it corresponds to the «Emergency Number».
Please do not use this number if not necessary since it is an emergency number.


a) time limits

The time limit to get to the arrival is properly set per each single stage.

- Stage 1 Km 59,15 – 15 ore

- Stage 2 Km 52,20 – 14 ore

- Stage 3 Km 47,39 – 12 ore

- Stage 4 Km 49,81 – 12 ore

- Stage 5 Km 38,98 – 11 ore

- Stage 6 Km 42,50 – 11 ore

- Stage 7 Km 56,76 – 12 ore

- Stage 8 Km 51,02 – 11 ore

Time limits will be also set along the path of each single stage and communicated in the website of the race alvitrail.com and during the briefing before each stage

b) Sweeper Service

A Sweepers Service is provided and will follow the last runner so as to be of aid to the withdrawn participants and to avoid that any injured participant remains without assistance.

The participants who will not reach within the time limit the checkpoints that will be communicated in the morning breefing before the race, will be stopped and will no longer be authorized to continue the stage.

c) athlets stopped, withrawn, back in the race

They could continue the race the day after and run the following stages but will not be included in the main official ranking of the race.

The times of the participants out of the official ranking will be anyway provided and shown in a dedicated list at the end of each single stage and at the end of the race.

The participants arrived at the gates beyond the time limit, those injured, those who will be considered by the medical personnel not suitable for continuing the race, and also those athletes who will withdraw voluntarily, will be accompanied to the arrival by a shuttle service.

Each participant who will withdraw from the race out of the checkpoints, will have to go back on its own, communicating it immediately by calling or by sending a text message to the number mentioned in the race road-book.


Being the GPS device or the GPS tracks properly downloaded to a mobile/any other similar device included in the mandatory equipment, it will be under the personal responsibilty of every participant to carefully study the path, stage by stage, to be informed of every critical crossroad which can be met in the stage, to check to be always on GPS track, to be present at the technical briefings during dinner and before the start of each stage.

In case the athlet will take a wrong way while running the stage and the mistake is clearly not due to a wrong indication given by an official staff volunteer or by a wrong marking of the path, the organization is not responsible for the delay occured and no time compensation is considered.

Complaints due to a clear wrong indication can be presented to the organizers the same day at the end of the stage.


The following violations will cause the immediate disqualification and withdrawal of the bib number:
- dropping out a check point
- lack of bib

- cutting the trail
- littering
- refusing to rescue a participant in difficulty
- insulting or threatening the organizers or the volunteers
- use of transport means during the race
- refusing to be checked by the medical personnell
- lack of mandatory material
- refusing to undergo the control of the mandatory material - doping or refusing to be checked for doping
- use of personal assistance outside the authorized points - non-observance of the prohibition to be accompanied.


When the bibs are given out, a bag for changes/spares will be given to each runner. The bag will be transferred by the organization from one stage to the next.
In the race pack you will find a sticker with the bib number to be attached to the bag.
If a runner pulls out of the race, his/her bag will be taken to nearest arrival stage where s/he may collect it upon presentation of his/her bib number.

The organization may not be held liable for the loss or damage of any objects during transport.


For the overnight accomodation the organizers will provide a place where to sleep, gym or tent. for every athlet.

Each athlet will bring with him/her a sleeping bag, a mat or an air mattress.

In case of accomodation in different tents and/or gyms, the organizers will provide in due time to indicate in a clear way the proper place for each athlet.
The athlet must follow the indication given to her/him.


Control points will be set along the trail. Members of the organization will monitor the passage of the athletes and simultaneously a radio/telephone service will be active and connected with the Stage Operations Center.

First aid stations with medical and sanitary personnel will be established in the strategic points of the route in order to guarantee an immediate intervention when needed.
The medical/sanitary personnel will be authorized to suspend a runner from the race and invalidate the bib number if they judge it necessary for safety reasons.

The rescuers will carry away from the trail route with all possible means the athlete considered to be in a critical conditions.

In case of withdrawal before or after a control point, the Sweepers Service will be authorized to invalidate the bib number and the athlete will no longer be under the control of the organization.
In case of suspension of the race or of withdrawal of a competitor, the organization will guarantee for coming back to the start as quickly as possible through a shuttle service. In case of activation of an alpine rescue service or 118 service, they will make use of their own means, including if necessary the use of an helicopter.

Any expenses deriving from the use of any other structure external to those of the organization, during or after the race, shall not be ascribed to the organization and will be charged to the rescued participant.


The organization reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the route or to the location of the refreshment points or to the time deadlines. In case of adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, high risk of storms or too hot/humidity), the start of the race may be anticipated or postponed.
Where necessary, the organisers reserve the right to make changes to or eliminate certain paths of the route.


A Road Book will be available for each single stage; information as to how to download it from the web will be supplied by the website of the race www.alvitrail.com
All participants are invited to download and print it.

A summary table of the times at the various checkpoints, gates and times of passage to the several check points will also be available.

No copy of the Road Book will be available when collecting the bibs.


Before the start of each stage all the athlets have to be registered by the BIB registraton. The official refreshment points will be also official check points for the BIB check.
In any case at every BIB check point the trail runner must verify that her/his BIB has been properly checked before leaving the spot.

Missing BIB registration/check will determine the disqualification of the runner for that stage.

The organizers can decide, in every moment and without previous information, to provide an extra BIB check point along the path, in addition to those official and communicated.


Competitors must behave in respect of the environment, in particular by avoiding littering, picking flowers and disturbing wildlife.
Anyone that will be seen to abandon wastes along the trail will be disqualified from the race and shall incur into penalties according to the municipal regulations.

In order to reduce the environmental impact, no plastic glass will be distributed at the refreshment stations. Every runner shall have its own glass or a water bottle or a flask that will be filled at the refreshment stations.
This race join to the campaign «I do not litter» promoted by Spirito Trail.


In the event of particular weather conditions (dense fog, snow or thunderstorms), the organization reserves the right to make changes, even during the race, to the race route in order to avoid any potential risk for the participants. The staff shall inform the participants of any changes.
The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race if the weather conditions are such that they put the athlete, staff or rescuers at risk.


For those who want to leave their car near the final stage in Portovenere and easily find it in the end of the race, to be ready to go back home, the organizers provide the following.

Friday, June 8 morning, it will be possible, on proper request of the participant, to be transferred by a bus from the Shoppinn Brugnato 5 Terre Outlet Village (SP) to Dolceacqua (IM), leaving the car in a dedicated parking place of the Shoppinn Centre until the end of the race.

Sunday, June 17, specific bus will bring participants back to their cars to Shoppinn Brugnato 5 Terre Outlet Village (SP). Transfer will take about 1 hour.

A detailed transfer program will be provided on the web site of the race according to the reservations received during the registration and a confirm by email sent to the participants who made the reservation.

The transfer from Shoppinn Brugnato 5 Terre Outlet Village (SP) to Dolceacqua (IM) and from Portovenere (SP) to Shoppinn Brugnato 5 Terre Outlet Village (SP) has an extra cost of € 30,00 and must be paid together with the final payment for the registration in order to validate the booking.

No other transfer facilities are provided by the organizers.


The organization is covered with an insurance for civil responsability that will be valid throughout the day of the race.
The partecipation to the race is under the responsability of every athlete.
The organisation shall ensure that each participant is registered as a member of the CSI (Centro Sportivo italiano).

Each runner must acquire personal injury insurance from an insurance company of his/her choice.


With the registration, the participants authorize the organization to freely use, without territorial and time limits, either still or moving images that portray them when partecipating in Three For Team Trail Race.


The race winner will be the runner that takes the shortest time to reach the finishing line in Courmayeur.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 5 men and women in the overall official rankings.

Prizes will also be awarded according to age groups: first 3 women and first 3 men 20 - 39 years
40 - 49 years
50 - 59 years

60 - 69 years
70 years upward

For each single stage a special prize will be awarded to the first 3 men and first 3 women in the ranking of the stage.
This prize will be awarded during the dinner after each stage and consists of eno- gastronomic products of the region crossed in that stage.

Access to the final ranking of the race will be given only to runners who finish the AV Trail, finishing each single stage within the time limits.

Each runner who completes the race will be given a “finisher” prize and the name of AVventuroso.


Only written complaints will be accepted only before the closing ceremony of the event, with a deposit of € 30.00.


The jury is made up of:

•the race manager •the head of safety •the head race officials


The voluntary registration and the participation to the race will result in the full acceptance of the present rules and of the amendments that might be brought .
With the registration, the participant releases the organizers from all liability, whether civil or penal, for damages to persons and/or property that have been caused by himself/herself or derving therefrom. If not yet in possession, it is highly recommended to sign up a sport insurance such as Multisport.










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